Mr. Frank Nyarko

  •  Vice Organizing Secretary
  •  +358 453414041
Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Project Planning, Consultant

I confidently put myself into two different dimensions. One as a business guy and two as a passionate teacher. Both the business and teaching side of me in addition to my educational journey has helped developed me as a person with varied competences and skills.

The opportunity to have worked and experience different family businesses has immensely contributed to my knowledge and understanding in the business life. Firstly in early-hood life I worked with my grandma and later with my mother in their buying and selling businesses. As informal as it was in those days, yet I can proudly boost of the knowledge and skills including buying, selling, negotiation, inventory and bookkeeping.

I later enjoyed working on a professional level in an uncle’s company as assistant manager. A company that focused on the production and selling of seasonal greetings cards and envelopes. There I developed further my business skills and acquired new ones such as: Innovation, Human relations, Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Communication etc.

The second part of my life has been with the teaching. I went through formal teacher education and subsequently taught as a teacher for 7 consecutive years.

Other aspect has been on the level of school training. Working as a research assistant helped me developed competences such as research & development and innovation (R&D&I), Reporting writing, Presentation, Events, Workshop and Seminar organization, Team Work etc.

At the moment I have my own consultancy company which focuses on offering international business and Management consulting (focus on the African market) and pedagogical services to corporate, institutions and individuals.

My Skills

  • Entrepreneurship
    0% 90% 100%
  • Marketing Communications
    0% 87% 100%
  • Project Planning
    0% 92% 100%
  • Project Management
    0% 87% 100%
  • Teamwork
    0% 87% 100%
  • Business Strategy
    0% 85% 100%

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